Tea’n Tales Summer 2017 Schedule

The Guelph Enabling Garden is pleased to again host the Guelph Guild of Storytellers for their 10th season with 10 Friday morning “Tells” scheduled at the Garden in Riverside Park at 10:30 a.m. starting June 30th. Bring a lawn chair and a reusable mug for iced tea or lemonade to enjoy these wonderful storytellers. Free admission, but donations are welcome.

All Tellers are local unless indicated otherwise.
* indicates a Tea ‘n’ Tales debut!

June 30: *Sarah Abusarar (Toronto) & Brian Holstein
July 7: James Gordon & *Jenny Higgins
July 14:Doug Larson
July 21: Brenda Lewis & Gayle Ackroyd Duet & Donna McCaw (Elora)
July 28: *Pauline Grondin (Burlington)
Aug 4: Ann Eetill & Michael Dougherty
Aug 11: Jay Wilson & *Carolyn Wilker (Kitchener)
Aug 18 Jan Sherman:
Aug 25: Elizabeth Matson & Beve Matson
Sept 1: Adwoa Badoe & Sya VanGeest.

There shall be a special award for Beve Matson on Aug 25 from the Guelph Youth Music Society for her years of work.

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