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Programming Options

All of our programming is custom-designed for your needs, whether that is individual or group-based therapy. Our Horticultural Therapist works with the seasons and weather to create unique and interactive workshops that work to build the connection between us and nature. Some of the programming experiences available include:

Sense-Based Activities: All the senses can be engaged in the garden to teach coping and leisure skills, stimulate memory, and inspire our creativity. Accessible for people with varying access to senses.

Fitness in the Garden: The garden and nature can be a fun place to focus our minds and engage our bodies. Exercises range from gentle to rigorous.

Personal Growth in the Garden: Helps participants meet emotional, creative, social and fine-motor goals by offering a variety of activities based on environmental sustainability.

Soil, Compost, Water: A good, balanced soil is the foundation of life and growth and we can use soil as a way of discussing what’s missing in our lives as compost serves to enrich the soil, with water being the life-force of all things.

Fairy Garden: For participants who want to work on social skills, this workshop series is about learning how all elements of a garden work together, while providing a relaxed, social space.

Staying Well in the Winter: Sometimes the arrival of fall can drain energy and lower moods. Learn how to transition the positive connection with nature through the fall and winter.

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